Purple Lotus Doulas Mission Statement

We believe every birth deserves a doula.

This is your birth journey. We are a full spectrum doula collective who provide physical, emotional, and informational support before, during, and after your birth experience.  

We are birth professionals who strive to provide knowledgeable and compassionate doula services to women of diverse socio-economic backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, belief systems, sexual orientations, ability and health statuses, family structures, and birth choices/outcomes in the greater St. Louis and South Central Illinois region. 


Specialized training or previous experience:

v  Hospital or home birth

v  Vaginal delivery

v  Caesarian/planned caesarian

v  Induction/labor augmentation

v  Unmedicated/IV narcotics/Epidural/Spinal anesthesia


v  Premature birth

v  No intervention/varying levels of intervention

v  Optimal fetal positioning

v  Breastfeeding support/encouragement/pumping

v  Cloth Diapering/ Elimination Communication

v  Baby Wearing

v  Baby Led Weaning

v  Acupressure/massage/aromatherapy and essential oils/guided imagery

v  Hypnobabies

v  Newborn Care

v  Advanced Maternal Age/Teen Mothers

v  LGBT/genderqueer

v  Military families

v  Disabilities

v  Single mothers

v  Surrogate mothers/Adoption

v  Faith based labors

v  Spanish/ESL

v  HIV+

v  Teen mothers in foster care

v  Women in recovery

v  Birth fear/anxiety clearing and processing

v  Women with prior pregnancy loss or termination or those who are survivors of sexual assault/abuse or obstetrical violence.

We also offer placenta encapsulation, lactation and essential oils services!

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